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Flavor Exceptional Catering was founded in 2012 with one goal in mind: Provide balanced, nutritious meals to each student living at UVA while maintaining the amazing flavor and service we pride ourselves on.

Chef Sandy

Chef Sandy

Sandy Archer has a tremendous gift of hospitality and a talent for culinary preparation and presentation. She has been involved in the restaurant business for more than 27 years, and she has worked in several different capacities, including chef, manager, business director, and owner. She holds undergraduate and graduate business degrees, both from the University of Virginia.

Between raising four children with her husband, running a business, staying fit, and serving her community in numerous ways, Chef Sandy hopes that her life will be a true inspiration for many.

Chef Danny

Chef Danny

Daniel Niedermayer began his culinary career at a young age at the Keswick Hotel, where he worked as a banquet cook. He then went on to study business management at Bridgewater College. After leaving Bridgewater, he went to work for Hilton as their Director of Food and Beverage. There, he quickly fell back in love with the culinary aspects of hospitality and began training with the Culinary Institute of America and Hilton University.

Danny enjoys every aspect of his role in the kitchen, from the creation of delicious, memorable dishes to the leadership of his team of charismatic and incredibly talented cooks. He would tell you that his strongest attributes are friendliness, patience, and amicable communication skills, and he cherishes the experience of meeting with each client and designing outstanding menus around their unique personalities and desires.

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